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Books scheduled for release in 2021

Final Blockaders Bar.tif

Blockader's Bar

Elrod Stiller, began  to feel less like a newbie sin his security /bouncer role at a Nashville Honky-Tonk Central bar, when his boss told him to come early  on Friday to meet in her office.  Elrod knew everyone got fired on a Friday.

Determined not to make it easy for them to give him the boot, he showed up only to find things got worse.

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The Eurekans

The second story in the Jill and Rolla series

In this riotously steep page-turner, Jill Bonthennier pursues her goal of becoming a licensed private investigator when she seizes the opportunity to prevent a robbery. Since the previous robbery resulted in a murder, Jill volunteered to help as a good deed.


Not everyone agreed.

The weekend began when Jill travelled to the relaxed tourist town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas to visit her parents and help her dad teach a cane self defense class, and then events spiraled.

the opener 1.5 cover.tif

Jill Bonthennier's predawn walk abruptly ended when her three dogs yanked her towards a dead body.  The violence felt personal. She knew very nook of the Birmingham neighborhood where she grew up. Now ,she fought to discover not only what happened  but also to keep her secrets hidden.

The Opener introduces the Jill and Rolla series of mystery stories. This story is a fast moving, sprinkled with humor mystery. About an hour read.

The Opener

The first story in the Jill and Rolla series

fracked cover final tiff.tif



Sheriff Tobias McCaine and brother Silas have lived in Elk Springs, Wyoming, a town of five hundred people, their entire lives.   Below the town sits a field of natural gas....inaccessible until fracking came along.  Then trouble started.

final splintered cart cover.tif

Splintered Cart

The first story in the Trevor Murdock series

Trevor Murdock, a man with too many secrets, disappeared into idleness along with his somewhat adopted son. Then a simple favor and a few days turned a  minor case at one of Portland, Oregon's famous food carts into deadly intrigue and a race for privacy.

This story, an hour to a hour and half read (novelette or novella), is fast moving, action mystery--sprinkled with a few light moments.

final bent metal corner cover.tif

Bent Metal Corner

The second story in the Trevor Murdock series

Amy Logan headed to work one Friday morning, to find her recent nemesis stalking her hospital. She knew  two things. He was up to no good and her hands were tied. She left a message for her brother. They hadn't spoken in years.

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