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Thanks for visiting my website! Sharing with you a compelling mystery story is my mission. A story which gives your mind a enjoyable break from the ordinary day or a time of crisis.  We all need a break or a pleasant way to pass time while waiting now and again.  All of my stories are fiction.  Currently, I focus on stories which take one to two hours to read (novellas or novelettes).


Some of my stories are sprinkled with humor. Most lie between a cozy and a thriller. They tend a fast moving balance of characters in a situation that must be addressed.  Setting is a huge inspiration for my writing. I share that with you in the midst of character action. My descriptions are targeted to allow you to experience the power of the place or setting and capture the feeling of the characters, but not to slow your read.

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My professional career began as a medical technologist in a hospital laboratory and moved to healthcare administration.  In those riveting days amongst fascinating people, I carried half completed stories in my head.  Now, I focus on writing a complete story. 

My husband and I live in the Midwest. Texas will always be home, and our time in the Pacific Northwest will remain a treasure.  The outdoors, travelling, gardening, and pets are a few of my favorite hobbies.

A portion of the proceeds from each story is donated to a not-for-profit organization my husband and I feel improves the future of a theme contributing to each story.

Professional associations energize and elevate fiction and for this reason I am a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.

Thanks again! I hope you enjoy reading my books.

Stay well, 


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